About Us

noyanlar ofisNoyanlar Group is a leader in the North Cyprus Property Market. Since its establishment in 1973 the company has provided over 2800 households, alongside commercial properties. 

In 1999, when Ahmet Noyan, joined the team, the ideas of a young but very talented and ambitious architect had started to become reality, and the era of site projects had begun. The first site project was completed in Iskele region. Due to its enduring success, 18 site projects have been completed successfully in Famagusta and Iskele regions, with more to come. To current date Noyanlar Group of Companies is a leading construction organization of Northern Cyprus. Since 1973 the company has built 100 high-rise buildings, 18 residential complexes, 1200 architectural projects. More than 2,500 families have become owners of the houses that we have built.

The Sales Department of Noyanlar Group of Companies lead by Zarif Noyan aims to explore the potential international market, to create new business opportunities and to bring more comfort and quality in people’s lives.


In our constantly changing world: our lifestyle, our values, our needs ... are all exposed to change. But there is an essential part of a human life, which should give a sense of comfort and security, which is your home. Whilst developing every new projects, we apply maximum effort so that your home gives a sense of comfort, relaxation and security.